Our Schools:

The education of all our children is a basic human right. It opens up a world of curiosity, motivation, self-discipline and success.

All children need to have access to equality of opportunities which impact on their life chances.
We are guided in our Trust by a strong moral compass to do the best and be the best for children to succeed, taking all stakeholders with us on our journey.

CLC Trust is excited about fulfilling its obligations to help create a good system of education, welcoming schools to share and work together and to learn from each other to be successful.

We hope that you share our vision and wish to join our journey.

Mrs R. Darr - Executive Head Teacher


Cromwell Junior and Infant School – Bordesley Village Primary School:

Both Cromwell Junior and Infant School and Bordesley Village Primary School are thriving inner city primary schools where children are excited to come to school. Rapid improvements have taken place during the last 18 months to secure a firm foundation for learning.

Hard working and committed staff teams are ensuring that each school is a success. All children are part of our family of learners and thrive during their time here.

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