On Saturday 24th March 2018, the Year 6 girls from both Cromwell and Bordesley Village were provided with the amazing opportunity to take part in a ‘Girls in Politics’ event in London. The event was called “Camp United Nations for Girls which is a leadership program introducing young girls the work of the United Nations.

The day began with a detailed lesson into the history of the United Nations and the purpose of the organisation. All girls involved in the day were assigned one country that is a member of the UN to focus on in depth. They were involved with designing a flag for their country and researching the issues their country may be facing. Next, the girls learned about the structure, leadership and rules of procedure of the United Nations starting with the General Assembly and subsidiary organs. We were told about the specific work undertaken in the United Nations’ boards, commissions, committees, councils and panels and working groups.

As a final activity, all of the girls were given the opportunity to prepare a speech to present to the rest of the participants to explain why they would make a good General Assembly President or a Secretary-General for the United Nations. The girls took part in an anonymous vote to decide who would be most qualified to undertake the roles. All of the girls then worked together, negotiating and debating their ideas, to prepare a position paper to propose resolutions for problems faced in their country, focussing specifically on Education.