At CLC we pride ourselves at providing the highest quality enrichment activities. This is to give our children the best exposure enabling them to access the curriculum to a deeper level of understanding and appreciation.

We have activities planned for each class for each topic as a first basis. In addition, we may build in further opportunities as events become available as a surprise throughout the year!

Recently, Year 4 went to The British Motor Museum. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience of not only learning about mechanics and transportation but also making their own trucks to race which they also took home.

We aim to time our workshops to coincide with the start of topics which help to hook into the children’s imagination and bring the curriculum to life.

Year 6 are looking forward to visiting the Martineau Centre as part of their botanical study later this year.

In addition, as part of PSHE we have arranged trips to London to inspire our children to think about global issues and make a difference to the environment they live in. This has been enhanced by the contribution made by a range of inspirational speakers who have visited the MAT who came from a range of backgrounds and life experiences; giving the children the chance to meet them close up and ask pertinent questions.