Intro to MAT 

At Cromwell Learning Community Trust, we believe “If children are happy they will achieve… we seek to educate the whole child, paying particular attention to their emotional and intellectual well-being.”  

All stakeholders are committed to the    above mission statement doing whatever, whenever and however to achieve positive outcomes. 

  Join CLCT 

Why join our Multi Academy Trust?  

  • Here at Cromwell Primary School we have been on our own journey of School Improvement and now believe that we are in a pivotal position to share our experiences with others
  • We recognise that the education landscape is changing and therefore we decided as a school along with our stakeholders to become a Multi Academy Trust to ensure…

– a quality education for every child – high standards of progress and attainment – equal opportunity for all staff to develop to be the best  

  • We are committed to a collaborative style of working across all our schools, sharing ideas, and agreeing on what works best and for whom
  • Every school who joins our MAT, whatever its category, will have positive elements… and together we will determine the starting points of school improvement
  • We are an outward facing school with a strong moral compass
  • At Cromwell, we believe that the desire to want to do the best is innate in anyone who is involved
  • We see our MAT as an educational hub for excellence
  • We have recently welcomed Bordesley Village School into our Trust and are working positively to improve outcomes for children.

Our commitment  

  • At CLC we will instill in everyone leadership which is pro-active, confident, innovative, challenging and courageous  
  • Our strategy will be to involve all stakeholders to share with us their ideas for taking things forward
  • An opportunity to discuss where we are now and what needs to be done to improve rapidly
  • Agree a journey where compliance on the ingredients of success are accepted by all which then leads to consistency of practice and ultimately the high-quality teaching
  • Develop and upskill everyone in the organisation
  • Utilise the skill set and talent of everyone


At CLC our definition of collaboration means that we work together on ideas and strategies to achieve shared goals; then bring them into practice with proactive and positive outcomes.  

  • Authority to make decisions
  • Clarity of vision
  • A well-executed plan
  • A Governance model that holds people to account
  • Securing commitment and sharing Best Practice
  • Working together – building on the strengths of all